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The Business of Being Healthy Show

Are you killing it for your business or career yet you feel like a failure in your health? Maybe you’re flying up that corporate ladder yet you are completely wiped out by 3pm? Are you giving everything of yourself to your business, employees, family or career only to look in the mirror and not recognize the reflection? So often as high achieving, professional women we focus on the win at all costs, even if it means hurting your health. 

Your host, Sheley Brien, knows all too well that if you lose sight of your health it can leave you blind…literally. Sheley uses a live-recording style to bring you into the conversations which are relatable and replayable at any stage of building your empire. Along with sharing all of her health and performance secrets Sheley will interview awe-inspiring, expert guests so you can hear first-hand their tips, challenges and secrets behind their success in both business and health.

Meet Your Host

Sheley Brien

20+ years between climbing Corporate America ladders to venturing off into entrepreneurship, media and now co-owning a multi-million dollar general contracting business with my husband, Chris. I’ve had my share of success and failure, all of which have contributed to my current accomplishments. Our experiences happen for us, not to us!

On the show I share the lessons I’ve learned, along with those of my guests, to help you save time, money, and heartache as you build your career or business. I take a no fluff abd no-BS approach in discussing the challenges that no one else talks about but most of us need help in, along with strategies that will actually move the needle in your business or career.

Most importantly, I want to emphasize that your health must come first in order to achieve your professional goals. I learned this lesson the hard way after not managing my stress, which left me blind in my left eye. Join in and let’s discuss entrepreneurship, mindset, relationships, and health, and learn together all the secrets to accelerate your success.



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Loving this podcast 🔥 @FeliciaRomero 

I’m loving this podcast ! So many valuable insights ✨ I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!!\

Give it a listen!! You’ll Love it! @Redheaddd 

This is so relatable and inspiring! Sheley does such a great job of educating and encouraging already high performers want to put their health in the priority zone. A MUST LISTEN!!

Great Show!!! @tiffanylouvacarter

Was interviewed as a guest on this podcast, and the questions were spot on. The vibe of the show is so genuine and refreshingly honest. You can really tell the heart of the host is in it for the right reasons. Big fan of hers. Xo Tiffany Carter, Host of ProjectME with Tiffany Carter the podcast.

You Will NOT Regret Listening to this Show!  @jamesphotoaz

It can be tiring trying to find a show that has the right mix of host, pacing and topics to provide the most value in the time we as listeners have to invest.

This show, the host Sheley, her delivery and the selective topics cut through the clutter to provide clarity on prioritizing health when one is already critically busy and overwhelmed.

Easily one of the best new shows I’ve come across!

This podcast is the real deal! @JaclynA

Sheley takes her breadth of experiences, the ups and downs she has faced in life, lessons learned and translates them into digestible and tactical wisdom for her audience. All in a way that is engaging and leaves you coming back twice a week for more. If you are looking for wisdom provided by someone who gets it and has been there herself, you are in the right place.

Love this! @alphalaura 

I appreciate the authenticity of this podcast! There is so much to consume when it relates to health and wellness and Sheley brings it to you in a real way. Appreciate the practical tips!

So much education here!!! @VeroCis 

I have learned so much by listening to these 3 podcasts. I am excited to hear more. I appreciate the way she calls us out and help us see a lot of the unhealthy habits we have adopted. I am so thankful for the level of insight she provides. Definitely a fan.

Best Advice for Women Building their dreams! @bambagraham 

Sheley does a great job uplifting, encouraging, and motivating female entrepreneurs!

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Learning from others is your fastest approach to go from fear ➡️➡️ CONFIDENCE 💪 

Let me explain a little bit further. So often when we are trying something new fear comes up simply because we do not have the experience or knowledge of what we are coming into.

It’s actually really exciting when you think about it at first, but then those feelings of apprehension because of the unknown might creep in causing a little fear. 

When those feelings come up is the perfect opportunity to connect with someone who is either a few steps ahead, or a giant leap ahead and learn from their wisdom. 

You could follow them on social media, listen to their podcast, read their book or reach out in their DMs. 

I am just such a huge believer in learning from others who are willing to share their mistakes, what they’ve learned and they’re biggest wins so others can do the same.

This is a skill I leveraged over a decade ago when it came to regaining my house after my second child, and wearing myself down in my corporate career. I sought out the best in the business, and who had the results in a similar situation. I gained as much of their wisdom as possible, and applied it to my own, that knowledge reduce my fear and increased my results. Now I am taking the same skill and applying it to my business.

So much growth and so much confidence can come from mentors you may never meet or a coach you hire in a specific area.

Next time you were trying something new, and you feel that fear creeping in lean into somebody who you can learn from to gain your confidence through their experience.

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As moms we get the most precious and powerful opportunity to lead our families.

Immediately, when I saw this picture from our photographer, I thought of a conversation I always have with my clients who are not only leading in their business or organization, but also as mothers. 

As we started our family, Chris and my values were very aligned. As dad and man of the household, he is our protector and provider while I am the nurturer and provider. Yet, I am also the leader. 

I get the opportunity to lead our family when it comes to health, learning, education, emotional awareness, growth, nutrition… I could really go on and on.

There are some days where I am teaching the kids, a new skill, or pushing them to grow in a certain area. Yet the most powerful and impactful way to communicate with my kids is through intentional action.

They see me going to the gym or running on the treadmill at home. 
They see me reading in the morning.
They see me listening to worship music. 
They see me and hear me helping other women and moms do the same for their families. 
They see me recording the podcast. 
They see the meals I prepare at home and pack and their lunches. 
They hear how I talk about myself and others.
They hear the podcasts I listen to.
They hear the conversations about business, spirituality, fears, wins, failures and what I’ve learned.

I invested in me and my health and now my family, my business, my team receives all the benefits. 

It’s one of my favorite conversations with my clients, because as they learn to make healthy choices, my clients see, how investing in themselves is the most selfless thing they can do. They are leading their families on the same path as themselves.

💜Send me a DM is you are ready to increase your leadership for those who matter most💜 

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