Sheley Brien

To Speak​


Sheley Brien can offer public speaking and mentoring services if you host an event or conference. Sheley Brien is qualified to speak on various subjects, including balancing your health, career, and family.

Inspire your team or audience with a speaker who is personable, real and relatable. Sheley will leave your audience motivated to take audacious action immediately with tactical steps! Sheley can add incredible value on the following topics focused on business/entrepreneurship, mindset, leadership and wellness:

  • How losing sight of your health can leave you blind.
  • Increase your efficiency by repurposing your current skills. It’s not always new but better. 
  • Successfully working with your spouse: how to make sure your marriage is your strongest partnership.
  • How to leverage your mindset to unlock new levels of professional success.
  • Navigating the Complex Terrain of Modern Leadership
  • How to stop sitting on the sidelines and pivot in your career confidently.